Counselling and pastoral accompaniment for Catholic clergy

About JP2 Directory

Founded in 2015, the JP2 Network of counsellors and psychotherapists seeks to support Catholic clergy by promoting self-care, providing professional pastoral accompaniment and if needed, helping clergy to find and establish a therapeutic counselling relationship.

The JP2 Networks are coordinated locally by participating dioceses and brought together in one central JP2 Directory. Participating dioceses are listed in our links pages. If you and your Bishop would like your diocese to take part in this network, contact the JP2 Centre for some friendly support and advice.

Catholic clergy often face many difficult and demanding challenges, immersed in the joys and sorrows of their communities, often busy with an irregular daily schedule and, increasingly, in isolation. The JP2 Directory seeks to improve access to confidential psychological support for Catholic clergy. This might be a need for counselling in moments of difficultly or at times of difficult changes.

We want to encourage and promote what other helping professions would call “supervision” and we have termed “Pastoral Accompaniment”. In simple terms, this is a professional relationship that many clergy are already accessing where personal and pastoral issues can be explored in a confidential, accepting and trusting environment.