Counselling and pastoral accompaniment for Catholic clergy

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Welcome to the JP2 Network, a community that is open to all counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologist who are interested in exploring issues of faith with a particular focus on working with Catholic Clergy. The JP2 Directory helps clergy find counsellors and pastoral accompaniers and is open to members of the Network who are in private practice or working in an agency that supports our work, a member of a professional accountable body and who holds the relevant public liability and professional indemnity insurances.

We encourage dioceses that would like to support their clergy through the JP2 Directory to appoint a JP2 coordinator and to build a local JP2 Network.

If you are a counsellor/psychotherapist or psychologist and would like to join the JP2 Directory, a diocese that would like to explore how to develop a JP2 Network locally or you simply want more information, please get in contact.

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