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Khuba Reconciliation

Building Reconciliation & Wellbeing in Christian Communities

Khuba means love in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke.

Our mission is to build that love into practical reconciliation and wellbeing, and facilitate those within the heart of Christian communities.

Whilst every church seeks to be a beacon for the life that Jesus modelled, nearly all are being asked to do more with less. Divided congregations as well as clergy health and wellbeing are of major concern at both local and national levels, with conflict now recognised as one of the most destructive obstacles.

Our expertise lies in supporting you to manage conflict effectively: to bring people together, resolve disputes and strengthen community and wellbeing.

How We Can Benefit You
Happier and healthier clergy and church communities

Focus more fully on mission and ministry

Actively embed reconciliation within your community

Lower costs of conflict, leaving more resources for what really matters

A confidential, independent service that serves but which isn’t beholden to any institution or body

How We Support You

Mediating disputes and resolving most types of disciplinary matters informally

​Training senior clergy, clergy and lay people to effectively resolve conflicts and disagreements

Advising those with oversight to develop more effective conflict resolution systems, policies and processes

Facilitating difficult conversations within dioceses and congregations to resolve questions on buildings, practices and worship

Ongoing support to those who have previously mediated or been trained to mediate

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