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Mrs Lynne Harmon


As a long standing member of the Anglican Communion with a history of ecumenical partnership and as the wife of a Minister, I am very interested in the welfare and wellbeing of all those who work to serve the spiritual lives of people. The demands of Ministerial leadership are vast and often can be challenging with regard to boundaries, so the self-care and self-compassion I believe those who lead need, rate amongst the highest priorities I believe we should have.

During my vocation, I have worked with all age groups and have developed insight into the developmental needs they may present which has involved Family work and relationship work supporting volunteers in the church setting.  My work in the NHS covered a range of wide experiences of anxiety and depression, bereavement, relationship issues, issues of sexuality and overall self-esteem and confidence causing Social anxiety and Panic attacks.  There, the training in Counselling for Depression was an additional tool that supports wellbeing. In the church and in Public sector and voluntary sector organisations, I have been able to work with people whose issues range from loneliness to more severe presentations making sure that they receive the most appropriate support. My work at Keele University has helped me to understand the pressure of academic delivery whilst trying to support Pastoral needs of students. My training in EMDR for Traumatic events has been invaluable in this setting as people struggle with past traumas. Ministers too have the challenge of delivering Theological guidance to Parishioners and yet also care for their Pastoral and emotional needs.

My desire is to offer the Brief therapy model that incorporates not only the important listening and empathy that we all need, but also that enables there to be a problem solving approach available to those who wish to work in this way. All my work is non directive, non-judgmental and centred around the needs of the person with whom I am working. Ultimately, the confidentiality of my relationship with clients enables there to be free exploration without fear and I believe this and trust to be vital ingredients to achieve a good outcome for the life of the client.


Pg Dip Psychodynamic Counselling

Pg Dip Counselling Supervision

Graduate Certificate Pastoral Counselling

Ethical Framework (MBACP / UKCP etc.)

MBACP accred