Counselling and pastoral accompaniment for Catholic clergy

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St Luke’s Centre

St. Luke’s Centre participates in the healing ministry of Christ by promoting the health and well being of Roman Catholic clergy, women and men religious, and candidates for ministry in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

We work closely with dioceses and religious congregations to provide individual assessment and evaluation, candidate assessments, outpatient therapy, tailored education and wellness programmes, and conduct research.

We use our professional training and working relationships with national bodies to offer off-site diocesan/religious community-based consultation and specialized risk assessments.

The Centre is an independent facility formed at the request of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and operating in close association with Saint Luke Institute. The Centre is a registered charity, with its own board of Trustees.

We conduct our ministry in accordance with best clinical practice and in harmony with the teachings of the Gospel and the Roman Catholic Church. Our staff operates in compliance with national and international standards for specialized risk assessment and other psychological assessments.